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Name:u kno what time it is
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hey !! and Welcome to the McReyes dw comm .

some of us decided it'd be real nice to have a place where we could openly share All Things mcrey in a smaller , more contained fandom space , away from larger online spaces that can often host a kind of Toxic atmosphere , if u will . honestly the fact that we can tag/archive posts was also a big part lmao

this is meant to be a community with a casual and friendly atmosphere , where everyone can feel welcomed and encouraged to enjoy this gay as hell pairing . if you're a fan of reyes and mccree , feel free to come be a pal .


as for the question of what Kind of content to share , i felt it'd be easier to make it into a list :

- Finished Works ; Art and Stories

- WIPs ; unfinished works , snippets or entire chapters , step by steps of your artistic process , etc . it's all good

- Other Forms of Content ; this goes for everything from graphics to playlists to mood boards .

- Headcanons Etc ; it's cool just to post some topics or ideas or prompts or headcanons to share and see if anyone wants to add anything to them . it's cool to dick around . nothing has to be fancy in the slightest . mcreyes shitposting encouraged forever

- Links to threads (like on twitter) that are just Really Good Reads - provided You are the creator of the thread and that everyone involved is Cool with you posting it . this also goes for posting threads made by other people . ask permission like you would any other content creator . as long as they're cool with it , we all cool with it

- Links or recs to finished art or stories that are posted Publicly by the original creator


1.) you gotta play nice . do not harrass or scold or attempt to give anyone shit in any way . if you don't like the content posted , that's cool ! but you need to be chill and keep scrolling . if i catch you trying to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't be making/enjoying , i'm ban u

2.) you Must tag your content . All Content . and pretty much All content is allowed , from fluff to gore , from wholesome warm to problematic and abusive , from pining and hand holding to weird kinks i havent even heard of . all themes and characterizations are cool to explore . the only exeption to this is that I ask you don't portray characters as being underage in sexual situations .

3.) you gotta read the diddlydang tags people write on their works , especially if you're someone who can be bothered or triggered by certain content . i will also personally add any tags i think might apply to a post for safe measure in the event they're lacking a little

4.) everything you post must be of your own creation unless you have permission from the original creator to post it here

5.) everything posted here needs to have the central theme of being about Gabe , Jesse , or (ideally) them as a pairing . other Side pairings (and ot3+s) are allowed as long as you Tag Them , but we all here for one reason really cmon

6.) if you're posting a shitload of text or a really big image , pls put it under a cut . if you dont know how , u can click here

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